Trans-Canada Tales

by TCOLondon Client: Destination Canada
The Brief

To create a ground-breaking content series starring YouTube influencers to promote Canada as a destination to German and UK consumers.

The Challenge

To work with a half dozen YouTubers to authentically capture some of the best experiences Canada has to offer in a way that brings out their personalities and passions. In doing so, we had appeal to their audiences but also crossover to target consumers who might not be familiar with the personalities.

Our Approach

We created a series of more than 50 “produced” YouTube videos that captured the charm of the YouTube personalities while documenting the wonder and adventure of travelling through Canada.

The Results

The videos received more than 3.5M views in two months and became the heart of German- and English-language hub sites offering inspiration for itineraries coast to coast. For some of the YouTubers, the Canada videos became their all-time best-performing content.