Top Gear

by Bold Content Client: Top Gear

Top Gear is an automobile magazine owned by BBC Worldwide. It is named after the BBC’s Top Gear television show. We were commissioned to create a dynamic video reviewing the new Renault Alpine.

Our in-house director, James, told the story of how the new Renault Alpine A110 has evolved from the classic Alpine rally car. We shot this for the prestigious Top-Gear Magazine in the French Alps in minus 20 degree weather. The featured journalist, Ollie Marriage, drove the vehicle for the shoot.

James captured the driving piece to camera of Ollie navigating the Alpine A110 through the mountains. He also captured exterior shots of Ollie, in addition to the Alpine in movement. James primarily used the FS7 70 – 200 mm lens and Sigma 18-35 mm lens.

In post-production, we used a combination of footage we captured in France, and stock footage of the original Alpine. This highlighted the advancements and nostalgia of the new sports car.