Thinkers from the past Playlist

by The Creative Engagement Group Client: BBC Ideas

A series of animated short films for an audience hungry for interesting content and eager for new perspectives.

The challenge

Video content for curious minds to be served up on the new BBC Ideas platform. Thought-provoking content targeted to an audience wary of fake news / click-bait and eager for new perspectives

Our solution

Our playlist “Thinkers from the past on our world today” comprises five beautifully crafted animated films that communicate complex ideas in a short time:

What would Freud make of the selfie?

Greek poet Sappho’s view of today’s attitudes towards sexuality?

If Plato were alive today, what would he think of the modern referendum?

How Simone de Beauvoir could have reacted to the #MeToo

Foucault’s warning on fake news

What would Florence Nightingale make of big data?


Films promoted to the BBC and BBC News homepages. BBC Ideas channel won 2019 Webby Award Winner in the Public Service & Activism category.