The Indestructibles

by Factory Media Client: Casio
The Challenge

How do you get TV, digital and social to all work together? The Indestructibles is a prime example of Factory’s award winning proactive ideas being tailored to the bespoke needs of a client, across multiple platforms.

The Idea

We listened to what content our MPORA audience enjoy – in short, world class athletes failing or nailing world class stunts. We used this simple insight to build the format for a TV show, secured a 5pm slot with UKTV’s Dave channel for 12 weeks, wrapped a £1million digital/social strategy around it using our 390million strong audience, and found a client to partner with who could set out their very own cross platform KPI’s which Factory guaranteed to hit.

The Execution

3 months ahead of TV launch we started telling our 390million fans to watch the show on Dave, as well as buy watches and enter competitions. In short, we proved that TV, social and digital can be friends again, and with real people too.

This model means everybody wins and by partnering with both Dave and Casio G-shock we were able to deliver: 12 x 30 minute TV shows, all featuring world class athletes,150+ pieces digital content, 1456 Shock watch shots, 108 branded G Shock clock shots, 48 G Shock branded replays, 48 G Shock branded bumpers.

KPI: 700% above target

Digtal/social views: 7.2million

Digital/social reach: 34million

12 pick of the days from newsbrands

G-Shock watch featured in idents – sales 48% up YOY

Purchase consideration for G-Shock increased by more than 300%