The Emirates FA Cup

by Client: The FA
The Brief

How can we create excitement and tell the story of the 2015/16 Emirates FA Cup adventure as it progresses in a shareable and cinematic way.

The Challenge

The challenge was 2 fold.

Firstly encapsulate the roller coaster of emotions, the highs and lows and dramatic moments fans and players experience as they strive for FA Cup glory.

Secondly include relevant FA Cup footage in realtime by featuring winning goals from the previous round for each of the participating teams.

Our Approach

Our approach was to a create a uniquely stylised world of beautiful moments and exciting challenges through which we would follow fans united by their quest for the Emirates FA cup.

We created beautifully dark digital environments to surround our characters to create a highly-dynamic cinematic look, reminiscent of movies like 300 and Sin City.

Through three scenes we reveal that the world our heroes quest is built upon is in fact the lines and curves of the FA cup creating a truly exciting, cinematic experience for the viewer.

In order to deliver up to the minute, topical match footage we combined the expertise of our in house sports team (commentators, researchers and editors) who deliver over 1,800 games a season, with ITN Productions’ fast turnaround infrastructure resulting in engaging and relevant, shareable content. Recreating films on an ongoing basis throughout the tournament.

The Results

Each of the 64 participating clubs have hosted their very own version of the film along with FATV on their YouTube channels. The films are also being shown at football stadiums nationwide in the lead up to each round with further interest shown from BT Sport to host the films across their linear broadcast and digital channels.