by SevenC3 Client: Tetley

The brief

To take a brand with no social media footprint and make it one of the top 10 most engaged FMCG brands. Our challenge was to develop a social media personality for the brand that would connect with consumers on an emotional level.

Big Idea

The animated Tetley Tea Folk have been on our TV screens since the 1970s and help portray a warm and friendly image, adding personality to the brand. We gave these characters a new lease of life in social media, capitalising on the emotive relationship between a drinker and their cup of tea.

Developing love and trust for the brand with existing and new fans was critical for Tetley. Using Gaffer and his pals to talk directly to our audiences, we’ve continued to make the characters more relevant, tapping into popular culture and key trends.


Understanding which conversations to join and when to join them. Real time trends are of primary concern for Tetley and we help the brand efficiently create spontaneous content wherever possible, for quick distribution.

Adopt an intelligent approach to content amplification. Paid media strategies are in place to support our activity, but our nimble approach to paid media enables us to be more reactive, pushing the right content to the right people at the right times.


Facebook community of over 500,000, and twitter following of over 100,000 brand champions

Top 10 most engaged FMCG brands