Tesco Real Food

by Cedar Client: Tesco
The Brief

To broaden customer understanding of Tesco as a supermarket that offers not only great prices, but great quality fresh food, too.

The Challenge

In the face of the toughest food retail conditions in 20 years, Tesco wanted to refresh their customers’ perception of the brand’s food quality, freshness and provenance. As a result, we had to move with both speed and scale to communicate a sophisticated, multi-layered message across several different media types.

Editorial Response

The ‘Real’ in the Real Food proposition that we developed is an ideology that informs all the content, delivering what our busy, cash-conscious readers tell us they want: inspiring but accessible recipes, plus targeted know-how to make cooking easy and stress-free.

  • A bi-monthly magazine that is both practical (focusing on everyday, predominantly family-focused, achievable recipes) and inspiring, with gorgeous (but not unattainably so) images from the UK’s best food photographers, plus easily navigable design across print and digital
  • Video how-to’s, recipe binder, customisable meal planner, ‘click to buy’ food shopping functionality feature on the website
  • Ezine and online page turner magazine, to increase the magazine’s reach.

Content functions across a number of platforms – Real Food magazine, website, in store recipe cards, and Real Food Family Cook Off (the first ever TV cooking competition sponsored by Tesco), and associated Real Food cookbook.

  • Customers familiar with the initiative are 2.4 times more likely to see Tesco as a food authority
  • Tesco.com/realfood.com achieves over 400,000 unique visitors each month
  • Tesco.com/realfood is in the top 10 food community sites
  • Tesco.com/realfood is the only transactional website within the top 30 food sites

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