Standard Life

by Client: Standard Life
The Background

Standard was originally launched around the time of the Great War as a newsletter for employees of Standard Life and has evolved ever since. However, the appeal of the print magazine was flagging when, in 2011, White Light Media was appointed to create a digital version that could be delivered immediately to the desktops of all employees worldwide. The consequent magazine (initially Flash-based and then created as a simpler page-turn PDF) won Best Digital Magazine at the Scottish Magazine Awards and IoIC Scotland Awards.

The Next Stage

But White Light Media and Standard Life have never been complacent with this project. Together we have continually reviewed the content, design and functionality of the magazine, seeking ways to enhance the quality of the reading experience, and the speed/affordability of the publishing process.

As a result, in April 2014, we relaunched Standard as an HTML5-based project – in essence, we created a bespoke website for the magazine. This was in response to Standard Life’s need to create a platform that could be filled with content more quickly whilst also carefully complementing the tight specifications of Standard Life branding, usability guidelines and legal restrictions.

The result is a streamlined magazine website, optimised for access on all platforms (including mobile phones), which, for the first time, can be viewed outside the Standard Life intranet. A new issue of the magazine is uploaded every two months, with all back issues archived so that all content remains available to the audience.

As with any effective magazine, however, the heart of the project remains about identifying powerful stories and communicating them through intelligent writing, outstanding photography and beautiful design. That is what Standard is all about and why it’s more popular than ever with its global audience of employees.

The Results

Standard Life is delighted with this solution from White Light Media, which, after some upfront investment, will provide significant cost savings over time. And the feedback from the most important people of all, the Standard Life readership, has been highly positive. On average, each issue receives 5,000 visitors (from 6,000 employees) – an extraordinarily high level of take-up. Average page views per issue are 30,000 and the average time that each visitor spends on the site is six minutes. As an average, this figure is again very high, particularly as the content is designed to be read quickly.