by SevenC3 Client: Shepherd Neame

The brief

Develop an engaging style and tone for Shepherd Neame’s Spitfire Ale brand as a means of increasing awareness and recognition of the brand within social streams.

Further to this, we were tasked with creating and executing a plan to successfully launch the brand’s new ambassadors, Armstrong & Miller’s RAF pilot characters on digital platforms.

Big Idea

We provided Spitfire Ale with an effective, on-going presence in social thanks to clever usage of these characters in real-time marketing scenarios.

For example, being able to create a post where the pilots comment on live TV: during Britain’s Got Talent when Simon Cowell was pelted with eggs, the pilots were online asking

“How does we vote for the egg girl, blud?”

mere minutes after the event


The planned ATL campaign involved a burst of four TV commercials, but our goal was to deliver a creative strategy that would extend the presence of the characters in social media over two years.

The “always on” nature of social means brands are now required to feed an ever-present audience.

To fulfil the content demand, we collaborated closely with the ATL agency and leveraged our limited access to the talent, to create a large library of brand assets for use in timely, evergreen content.

Confidence and compliance from the talent in the editorial quality of our creative forward planning allowed us to continue to adapt and utilise the characters for use across digital platforms without a restrictive sign-off process.


Our long-term content strategy enabled us to maximize limited resources for the greatest possible results. Two days’ access to the talent translated into two years’ worth of content – a significant ROI for Shepherd Neame.