by SevenC3 Client: Spitfire


Social / Strategy

The challenge: Increase brand awareness on social channels for Spitfire

Increase brand awareness and recognition for a notoriously hard to engage UK demographic within the social space.

 The solution:                 

  • Responding to real-time information has helped the brand engage with a tough audience by being relevant during events that are relevant to them – and in a tone that resonates.
  • Spitfire Ale’s brand ambassadors are British TV’s Armstrong and Miller’s established RAF pilot characters who exist in a world set in wartime Britain of the 1940s, but use the language of modern-day UK teenagers. The goal was to deliver a creative strategy that would extend the presence of the characters in the social space.
  • Using our own Story Mapping methodology, we tracked and hijacked popular culture conversations around TV shows, and national and international events trending within this particular audience, putting them at the forefront of social trends. Humorous imagery, language and commentary ran across various national (and international) events, including the announcement of the second royal baby, Valentine’s Day and Wimbledon.
  • We produced a bank of creative assets that could be used beyond the ATL campaign and across a wide number of consumer touch points over a long period of time. In two days, the team collected a bank of assets that would feed two years’ worth of content.

 The results:

  • We increased awareness and recognition of Shepherd Neame’s Spitfire brand within social media streams over a period of two years, despite only having access to the talent for two days.
  • Customers responded well, with socail comments including: ‘Check @spitfireale timeline… they’re really quick off the mark’ and ‘The award for ‘Social Media Team of The Week’ goes to @spitfireale. Nice work!’

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