by Client: Sofitel

Sofitel is one of the world’s leading luxury hotel brands. EnVeritas Group was engaged to help Sofitel’s signature hotels in Europe and the Middle East develop high-level marketing collateral in the form of Storytelling. Through engaging stories and descriptions, the project aimed to reinforce Sofitel’s overall brand image as well as to illustrate the unique character of each hotel.

The Brief

Sofitel, the leading luxury hotel brand of the ACCOR group, has been working on various marketing and content-related projects with EnVeritas Group since 2010. EVG was therefore the natural partner of Sofitel’s marketing team in the EMEA region for one of their most exciting content marketing projects: Storytelling.

The aim of the Storytelling project was to differentiate each Sofitel hotel or resort from one another as well as from competitors, and to express its unique design, character and atmosphere.

This type of subtle branding strategy is more effective when it is supported by a real-life story. Stories make concepts easier to be absorbed and utilized at all levels of communication, from print and digital marketing tools to presentations by local staff.

The content needed to focus on the vibrant experience offered by each destination. It had to be a lively, immersive text, which reflected the excellent service that is Sofitel’s hallmark.

The aim, in sum, was dual. First, to continue to reinforce Sofitel’s image as an exceptional luxury hotel brand, which stands out from local competition. Second, to illustrate the unique character of each hotel compared to the brand’s other properties.

The Challenge
  • Create content in line with the brand’s unique tone and style.
  • Gather detailed information about each hotel in order to understand not just the finer aspects of its facilities but the emotional character it creates.
  • Produce a lively text, which immerses the reader in a world of sensations.
  • Localize the text into French, English and/or the local language while retaining the same quality of style and tone.
Creative Approach

The initial step involved total immersion in the hotel’s “universe”. This meant gathering photos and descriptions, creating a detailed presentation defining the theme, style and personality of the hotel, interviewing local staff in order to gain a finer understanding of the atmosphere, researching guest experiences and more.

Content creation was performed by EVG’s best writers and editors, selected for their ability to write in Sofitel style. There were several editing rounds to ensure top quality and in order to seamlessly integrate the contributions of each stakeholder.
When approved by all stakeholders, the copy was then “transcreated” in several languages. This meant that translators had access to the same raw materials as writers, and were free to vary from the source text in order to improve the end result. All stakeholders were involved in the editing process in order to ensure the project’s coherence and the highest quality in all languages.

The Results
  • Each hotel has a bespoke story, which sets it apart from competitors.
  • The Storytelling text helps local marketing teams, and hotel staff, understand the property more deeply and therefore market it more effectively in their internal and external communications.
  • When used as a basis for communications, the Storytelling presentations give coherence to the entire marketing effort.