SlowTV: Bergen To Oslo

by Client: British Airways

Embracing the notion of placing unexpected content on board an aircraft, we decided to programme the smash hit Slow TV: Bergen to Oslo in its 7 hour entirety on board.

The Brief

To create an engaging and unexpected content programming proposition that will surprise and delight British Airways passengers via Inflight

The Challenge
  • Surprise passengers with content they would not expect to find on board.
  • Support British Airways Well-being programme in the air for passengers by curating relaxation-based programming that facilitates a more enjoyable flight.
  • Raise profile of High Life Entertainment, creating stories around the content on board that will resonate within the aviation/travel sectors and beyond.
  • Capitalise on awareness by the rising popularity of “slow-tv” content.
Creative Approach
  • Implementing the “unexpected” strategy on board by the full 7 hour Bergen to Oslo train journey.
  • Sparking discussion about “slow” content via social media
The Results

Reach: 5.5 million (Print)