Sainsbury’s Tu

by SevenC3 Client: Sainsburys TU


Digital / Video / Strategy

The challenge: Drive online sales for Tu

Customers turned to Tu for small impulse buys such as tights and T-shirts, but for fashion purchases such as dresses and jackets? Not so much. To encourage more browsers to buy from Tu, we had some serious perceptions to change.

The solution:

  • The strategy was simple: use our fashion editors’ editorial expertise to make Tu ‘walk and talk’ like a leading fashion brand – and create content so that Tu can have credible, consistent and frequent conversations with its customers in the places where they like to ‘hang out’.
  • We established a new brand mission and set of content pillars to make the strategy clear and effective. We developed a brand tone of voice that was consistent from point of sale through to social activation and executed an agreed content calendar.
  • We upped Tu’s fashion creds by working with our network of glossy fashion editors from GQ, Shortlist, Esquire, InStyle and Hello, alongside stylish influencers and fashion bloggers. We used our own network of fashion photographers, editors, models and stylists to create a bank of lifestyle and product assets.
  • We worked in a smart and cost-effective way so that one style idea could be carried across eight different content touch points, from Facebook to blogger channels.

The results:

  • 19% increase in dwell time on the site in six months
  • One article received 25,000 views in just seven days
  • The average basket size of a customer who purchases via Tu Style versus one who doesn’t is three times bigger

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