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by Dialogue Client: Rolls Royce
rolls royce

The world-famous luxury automotive marque Rolls-Royce Motor Cars works with Dialogue to help the brand get closer to its ultra-high net-worth owners with an editorial-rich magazine which is as beautifully crafted and proudly bespoke as one of their exquisite cars.


Rolls-Royce Motor Cars wanted a print magazine that echoed the marque’s iconic brand values. Quality of content, design and look and feel was paramount. The challenge was to create a beautifully crafted title that evoked the ‘bespoke’ ethos of the brand and at the same time covered wide-ranging lifestyle and product content that engaged this discerning, wealthy audience. Ultimately, RR magazine is about class, style and presence.

THE Challenge

A Rolls-Royce Motor Car marries contemporary design with skilled craftsmanship and superb engineering to create a car unlike any other. It is the pinnacle of cool, modern, British luxury manufacturing, and those who choose to commission a Rolls-Royce do so because they know that they will be in possession of a truly unique product. The brand’s communication with its incomparable audience of 10,000 Rolls-Royce owners must uphold this ethos as well; for such a readership, nothing else will do.


The overall objective for RR magazine is simple: engage readers through a bespoke publication that makes them feel that being a Rolls-Royce owner encompasses much more than just an incredibly crafted vehicle. Each issue is meticulously crafted using cutting-edge design and engaging, original content across subject areas as diverse as digital fashion, leading edge technology, portraits of dynamic entrepreneurs and luxury travel for the few.

  • Direct feedback from Rolls-Royce Motor Cars showrooms indicate that the magazine is prompting visits and generating leads
  • Magazine has been used as part of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars promotional display in Harrods, Knightsbridge – confirming its exclusive cache
  • Success of magazine content has led to Dialogue working in partnership with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars’ web agency to generate bespoke content for their website