by John Brown Media Client: Virgin
The Brief

Virgin wanted us to take their internal communications magazine, Roger, from print to web, thus making the publication more interactive. Roger‘s job remained to engage, inspire and educate Virgin employees around the world.

The Challenge

Thousands of companies produce internal comms, but if any one of them was going do it differently, you’d expect it to be Virgin. Quirky, friendly, provocative and innovative – these were the key words we kept in mind when thinking about Roger. A stylish site for a stylish brand. We wanted to produce a concept that would be a move away from traditional staff comms and reflect Virgin’s contemporary image and pioneering spirit while flicking a ‘V’ at convention.

Editorial Response

We transformed Roger from a printed publication into the glorious cosmic butterfly that is Roger online, taking readers beyond passive consumption and allowing them to interact, engage and communicate with each other in the easiest and cleverest of ways.

It made sense for Roger to go digital. Instead of telling people to go to certain areas of, we can take them there. Instead of telling people to write to us, we open their e-mail browser for them, allowing for instant responses from readers, while permalinks allow readers to easily copy and paste links from relevant pages of content to Facebook, Twitter, blogs and forums. Roger is the website equivalent of Virgin employees having a chat in their lunch hour, or a beer after work. Roger is informal, quirky, entertaining and unlike any other digital internal comms. All this comes together as a wonderful online community experience for everyone at Virgin.


Roger has a high profile within the internal comms market and has built a solid reputation among advertisers, delivering volume, response and a great editorial environment.

Taking Roger online has further boosted its popularity and complements Roger‘s Facebook friends and Twitter followers. And according to the stats, Virgin staff love it, as does their boss, Richard Branson. Readership continues to increase each issue, and the response from staff has been overwhelmingly positive.

Saskia Dornan, Head of Internal Communications for the Virgin group, says: “Roger has been fantastic at bringing involvement, community and a sense of fun to everyone in Virgin across 42 businesses in five continents. It has been a tremendous success and one of the most cost-effective communication tools we have ever devised.”