Rezidor 3D

by Client: Rezidor

Rezidor Hotels, part of the Carlson Rezidor Hotel Group, is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium, and comprises approximately 440 hotels in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The 3D images project is one part of EVG’s larger collaboration with the client.

The Brief

EVG’s partnership with Rezidor began in early 2009; since 2012, EVG has created 3D images of meeting rooms and event spaces to help the client’s individual hotels in the group market their MICE facilities more effectively.

The Challenge

Hotels in the Rezidor group face high levels of competition for their MICE facilities. Until now, most hotels have only had the option of 2D floor plans, which do not engage potential clients or enable them to easily visualize the meeting spaces on offer. In order to compete, meeting and events managers at the hotels needed a more effective way to showcase their facilities to potential clients. Rezidor and EVG worked together to produce a three-level offering (basic, advanced, premium) that allows hotels with significant meeting and event spaces to create 3D floor plans for online and offline marketing purposes.

The Solution

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EVG creates three types of 3D floor plans for hotels that opt into the service:

  • Basic: 3D floor plans with color and texture but without furniture
  • Advanced: 3D floor plans with color, texture and furniture, along with the option of additional images showing different furniture configurations
  • Premium: Similar to advanced 3D floor plans, but integrated onto the website with clickable pop-up boxes offering a photo and a brief description/spec of the space

All floor plans come with labels (toilets, cafés etc as well as meeting room names). All are integrated onto the website with a capacity chart corresponding to each meeting room. All are provided in JPG, PNG and PDF format, and in other formats on request. They can be used in printed brochures and on posters as well as online and in emails. 3D images help grow meeting/event conversion rates, help event planners visualize space and set the facility apart from competitive properties.