Qantas Magazine

by Medium Rare Client: Qantas Airlines
The Brief

Qantas magazineis an iconic publication and is Australia’s #1 magazine in both the airline and business categories, with a monthly readership of 447,000 (Roy Morgan). Medium Rare partnered with Qantas to relaunch the publication in all channels with the goals of improving content, extending readership and driving revenue growth.

The Response

We developed a “needs-led” content framework, mapping the passenger journey (dream, research, inflight, holiday) with what we know both Qantas and its passengers need at each stage. As a result, our response was framed as follows:

MAGAZINE The primary goal is to entertain and inspire – we humanised the style of writing and feature types to bring out the joy and romance of travel. We created new content sections to address key areas of interest, such as business and style, to speak to more passenger types and to create new revenue opportunities by attracting a broader profile of advertisers.

WEBSITE We commissioned all new content – starting with 30 city guides written by local writers in each destination. The guides were made up of 40-80 individual pieces of content and the brief required the writers to choose experiences to suit key passenger types (business, family) experiences (eat, stay, shop) and sentiments (romance, adventure, luxury).

APP For users to save an app and revisit it frequently, it must have a strong use case. We didn’t feel a monthly magazine replica requiring users to save entire issues (averaging up to 300MB per file) was strong enough. We partnered with Adobe to produce an app that allows content to be updated as required and users to save individual articles. In this app we also share our city guides so that users can access this information when they are travelling and may not have data roaming.

SOCIAL No channels were really speaking to the dream phase of travel. Instagram – large and active audience, visual and a member profile in our core demographic – is perfect for this goal. We therefore launched an Instagram account that is about sharing travel inspiration from the community.

The Results

Feedback from Qantas’ CEO, Alan Joyce

“The look and feel, the use of customer insights, the use of digital… I think the magazine today is a perfect reflection of all those things that the Qantas brand represents”

Feedback from Tyler Brûlé, the editor-in-chief of design bible Monocle:

“I think it’s a very contemporary design… It’s incredibly modern. What I really like about it is it’s very good editorial and is not just a mouthpiece for the brand and its destinations but [brings] something new to the table…”

WEBSITE 234% increase of average page impressions per month after our July relaunch

APP 6700 app downloads and 204,000 page views in the first month – up from average 3500-4000 issue downloads per month over the past 12 months

SOCIAL 3000+ organic Instagram followers after 2 months

MAGAZINE The addition of QBusiness, the magazine’s first ever monthly business section, is a key source of incremental revenue. Advertising revenue booked within this new section represents 10% of total revenue written in July – showing how a content strategy can actually deliver revenue.