by Client: Poppy
The Challenge

Business magazines arrive in this office more or less every day and, with a few exceptions, most are swiftly recycled. No doubt it’s the same with you. Unfortunately, the majority of business magazines are stuck in a time warp and haven’t changed since the 80s – the same tired old running order of news and features, the same rotational content designed to attract advertisers and an awful lot of stuff that people just don’t have time to read.

The Solution

So we set ourselves a challenge to create an exciting new business magazine for the future. We wanted to strip out all the clutter, providing readers with five in-depth pieces of valuable ‘brain food’ to help them in their profession. We wanted the pieces to be collaborative journalism – written by an expert and a journalist working together for optimum effect. And we wanted to cover the kind of topics that would get senior professionals saying ‘that sounds really interesting’.

To focus our energies, we decided to create the magazine specifically for comms and marketing people working in financial services – it was a market we knew well and we felt that many of these people, through no fault of their own, had suffered a bad time during the banking crisis. We also decided to make it look very different to traditional business magazines – printed A3 on matt stock, with illustration-led design. We called it Poppy, named after an old slang word for money.

The Results

Two issues of Poppy have now been published, covering topics such as the business secrets of Trappist monks, how the intelligence services read body language, disruptive thinking, 3D printing and the psychology of the web. We are already talking to two clients who are keen to adopt the Poppy ‘brain food’ approach with their clients.