Pets Make a Home

by Client: Taylor Wimpey
The Brief
  1. Through viral spread, raise awareness of Taylor Wimpey’s social media channels and, as result, the company as a whole
  2. Increase the number of likes on the Facebook page
  3. Drive traffic to the Taylor Wimpey website
  4. To collect user-generated content, in the form of images of pets looking cute, for press releases and potential use in show homes at a later date
  5. Collect data for potential use in a CRM exercise at a later date
The Challenge

One of the UK’s largest residential builders, Taylor Wimpey, wished to raise awareness of its social media presence and employed the team at Remarkable Group to deliver a fun, online, low budget campaign.

Remarkable Group devised a social media competition that would be easy to participate in and which plays on the nation’s love for our pets. People were asked to share photos of their pets to enter a competition to find the UK’s most ‘at home’ pet. The competition was launched and run during National Pets Month in April 2014.

Creative Approach

The competition was devised as a Facebook app; an iframe of which was hosted on the Taylor Wimpey website, thus allowing web entry. Through use of the custom hashtag #TWPetsMakeAHome, entry via Twitter and Instagram was enabled and allowance was also made for entry via email.

The public was encouraged to enter their image along with their contact data, into the competition then share their entry via social media to encourage friends and family to vote for them.

The image with the highest number of votes within any given 24-hour period won one of 35 daily prizes, while the entry with the most cumulative votes at the end of the competition won a grand prize of £1,000 cash.

In advance of the competition launch Twitter was used, along with Google+ to promote related, valuable content such as ‘how to move home with a pet’, using infographics.

To ensure Taylor Wimpey’s core messages were not lost amongst photos of dogs and cats, there was regular publishing of both competition-specific and non-competition specific content throughout the campaign’s live period. This content typically had a specific emphasis on CSR-related activity, promoting Taylor Wimpey as a responsible, community-focused company at a time when people visiting the page through the Pets Make a Home competition were likely to engage with such messaging.

The Results

100,000 unique visitors. It attracted an average of around 11,500 visits per day.

Nearly 9,000 photos were uploaded in total; 182 from Twitter, 417 from Instagram and 23 via email. This meant that nearly 8,300 email addresses were captured for later CRM activity.

Those entries attracted a cumulative total of 163,000 votes and more than 9,500 comments. The winning entry gained just under 11,500 votes.

Through engagement with the competition alone, Taylor Wimpey gained more than 4,000 new fans.

Combined with organic growth, the number of Facebook likes more than doubled, increasing by 5,268 likes from 4,036 on the 31st March to 9,304 on the campaign’s finish date.

Looking at the previous two months as a comparison, we can see that the average number of visits from social media hovers around 125 per day, meaning we achieved a 36% uplift in the average number of visits during the campaign.

During the competition and promotional week leading up to it more than 7,300 visits to the Taylor Wimpey website came via social media channels, the vast majority of them (6,700, or 91%) from Facebook and a considerable number of them (5,100) from first-time visitors.