Ordre des Médecins (French Medical College)

by Client: Ordre des Médecins (French Medical College)

Supporting doctors in the patients’ best interests: this is the commitment made by the Ordre des Médecins (the national medical college). The Ordre is a state-approved private body that represents all doctors and medical practitioners in France, whatever their specialisation or activity.


Since 2013, the Ordre has endeavoured to build a strong relationship with public authorities. The medical college is seeking to reach a wider audience, beyond its traditional target membership (doctors), from health care opinion leaders, patient representatives and junior doctors’ unions to institutional partners and health organisations. With this in mind, they are issuing a series of thematic webzines.


The agency has created a thematic webzine exploring various themes at the heart of medical ethics and deontology, issues such as health and open data, complementary and alternative medecine, health issues affecting teenagers. The zine will be rich and varied in design and content (texts, videos, motion design…), and will include numerous interviews with well-known personalities. Its four editorial objectives are:

  1. Open the Ordre’s research and content up to the general public, speak to everyone through broader, «societal» topics
  2. Promote the role the Ordre plays and highlight its ability to anticipate major changes in medecine
  3. Open the Ordre’s research and content up to new audiences, by offering content that’s readable on tablets, mobiles and PC
  4. Offering a new digital reading experience.


-Three webzines per year

-Over 10,000 views per issue

-The distribution of each issue communicated via social media (mainly Twitter)

-The webzines are accessible via the main website of the Ordre des médecines, by clicking on the «publications» tab : http://www.conseil-national.medecin.fr