by TCOLondon Client: Microsoft & Nokia

When Microsoft officially acquired Nokia Devices and Services business, along with their new badges, employees were given a commemorative book designed by TCOLondon.

Alongside the book, TCOLondon produced an animated video for the “One” global webcast to employees and a series of posters in six languages displayed in factories around the world.

The Brief

To create a piece of print for employees to mark the first day of the new business that staff could keep and use, outlining shared values and a vision for the future of the new Microsoft Devices Group.

The Challenge

To celebrate the history of innovation of both Microsoft and Nokia.

To explore the two companies’ shared beliefs.

To leave space for ideas for the future.

To give all employees a lasting memento from a truly historic day.

Creative Approach

The “One” book celebrates the two tech titans’ history of innovation and the possibilities their new partnership holds. It opens with the message: “One thing will help us change the world again: You.”

Divided into three sections: A History of Firsts, charts both companies histories of innovation celebrating the journey of the two companies from a paper mill in Finland and computer enthusiasts in New Mexico to putting mobile phones into the hands of more than a billion people and helping realise the vision of a computer on every desk.

What Drives Us outlines their shared current beliefs and Unlimited Possibilities is an illustrated notebook, which gives employees space for ideas for the future.

The 128 page, illustration-rich book features work by a team of international artists overseen by TCOLondon in order to create something that doesn’t feel corporate.

Contributions from talent across the globe include work by Kendrick Kidd, Paul Pensom, Paul Blow, Eleanor Taylor, Eliot Wyatt, Alec Doherty, Raid 71 and Khuan+Ktron and TCOLondon worked with a uniquely talented printer in Michigan [Thomson-Shore] to produce something that doesn’t look corporate at all.