Old Mutual Wealth

by infogr8 Client: Old Mutual Wealth

OMW have a wealth of information that requires attention and cut through. infogr8 developed a visual framework, thereafter delivering a series of distilled stories for B2B & B2C.


As UK’s leading investment business, OMW have a wealth of information that requires attention and cut through, how can they utilise visual content to help strengthen relationships with both advisers and clients?


Kickstarting with an immersion phase, infogr8 produced a set of infographic guidelines to help open up the creative possibilities of developing visual content. The next phase was to take normally complex or less engaging topics and deliver visually appealing, distilled stories in the form of infographics and fast moving content used both digitally and for physical handouts.

infogr8 take complex requirements and interpret them in the right way. When presented with financial experts, they hold their ground by listening and asking the right questions. The drafts and ideas that follow fit with the brand, with engaging results. We’ve seen a real uplift in our online engagement metrics. They’re also fantastic to work with – they really understand data, are passionate, reliable and easy to communicate with.I know my work is in good hands.Liz Stanmore, Digital Campaign Manager, Old Mutual Wealth