M&S World

by Client: M&S


M&S challenged us to redesign their employee magazine to reflect the new external brand, and to create a synergy with the new intranet site. They also asked us to:

  • Use a peer-to-peer tone to inspire readers to live the four values
  • Drive traffic to the new business-wide intranet
  • Build pride and drive inspiration in our people
  • Share stories about our people and the part they’re playing in living our values
  • Link content with Yammer


We question everything, its value and purpose, and from this comes true innovation.

Creating a peer-to-peer tone

Stories need to be told by the people involved, that’s why each article places so much emphasis on quotes and first-person narratives. Then, stories are being shared and not reported. The aim is to create a magazine that feels like it’s been created by colleagues, for colleagues.

Driving traffic to the intranet

We were keen for the magazine to be an integral part of M&S World online. For each feature, we create ‘jumping off points’ to exclusive online content related to that topic. This could be a video, a photo montage, or a link to a story on their external website that colleagues might not have seen.

Building pride and driving inspiration

Celebrating achievement and teamwork is what M&S World is all about. The stories all radiate the values, as well as showing the joy colleagues’ have fulfilling their roles. We also feature stories from the designers and suppliers behind new and exciting products to inspire colleagues to share information with their customers.

Sharing stories about our people

Every person in this publication is photographed ‘in situ’. We haven’t taken them out of their work environment. Why? Because, in a way, their stories are about their workplace, and it is interesting for colleagues to see where people work and what their environment looks like.

Linking content with Yammer

We have created a M&S World magazine group on Yammer where we regularly post updates, sneak peeks of photo shoots, and competitions for colleagues. We include links to this group in every issue of the magazine. We also share content in other groups with a higher membership to drive people to our group, and to promote certain exclusive stories on our M&S World online magazine pages.


We conducted a reader survey in September 2016 to find out how colleagues were feeling about the new style and format.

Key stats:

  • I read the magazine regularly: 96%
  • The magazine is the right length: 85%
  • The magazine is published regularly enough: 68%
  • The magazine makes me feel proud to work for M&S: 66%
  • The content is informative and interesting: 72%
  • The content helps me to understand our business priorities: 57%

As for our online content; in the six months since our launch issue, we grew traffic from print to digital by 415%. Since then, we average around 600 views for each online story. The average video hit rate is 800, but our most popular video reached 2,669 total views.