Mean Tweets Campaign

by iProspect Client: Hotels4U
The Challenge

iProspect was briefed to create content around Hotels4U brand characters with the aim of continuing public conversation and keep the characters alive after the end of the T.V advert run.

The strategy also aimed to turn around a lot of negative buzz about the ads on social and create a fun piece of content that we could leverage for SEO.

Creative Approach

The ‘ Mean Tweets’ format was gaining a lot of traction off the back of Jimmy Kimmel’s show in the States and we thought that would be the perfect format for this piece.

iProspect worked with a full production crew, actors, a comedy writer and Thomas Cook to produce 4 videos.

The SEO team collaborated with iProspect content, paid social and outreach teams as well as Aegis Sports and Entertainment.

The Results
  • Over 37,000 views on YouTube
  • 265 Facebook Likes, 137 Shares and 73 Comments
  • A 42% response rate to targeted tweets

We developed strong client / agency relationships through working closely with Hotels4u SEO, social, PR and branding teams