Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum

by Client:

The Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum is a group of Mayfair residents and businesses who have gathered to develop The Mayfair Neighbourhood Plan, a vision for the future of Mayfair.

The Brief

We were approached by the Mayfair Neighbourhood Forum’s marketing committee to help them turn a 30,000-word legal document, the Mayfair Neighbourhood Plan, into a fully branded communication and consultation tool. After a period of public consultation, the plan would be adopted into law and then have a 20-year lifespan. The brief was to support this process with a powerful brand sympathetic to the Plan’s audience and ambitions, that would also convey the heritage and luxury brand values associated with Mayfair.

The Challenge

When we were approached by the forum, it had a number of tired, hastily assembled brand assets. We were tasked with starting from scratch and creating a fresh brand identity and accompanying assets, including a logo, font and colour palettes, and a set of brand guidelines the Forum could follow. We were also tasked with producing the original imagery that would give the plan colour and context, and to turn the 30,000-word document into a beautiful piece of work that could be consumed by local Mayfair residents, businesses and visitors. The goal was to clothe the Plan ahead of its public launch.

Creative Approach

The Forum had asked us to deliver a brand that would communicate its vision for the future of Mayfair. It had to be modern, without straying from the area’s heritage. It had to be bold and confident, but accessible to residents, businesses and visitors. It also had to communicate legacy – once adopted into law, the Plan will influence the development of Mayfair until 2038. The story began with the logo. It brought together three strands (representing the three target groups), woven together to create a graphic symbol that felt both classical and modern. We chose font and colour palettes that gave the brand a fresh, authoritative visual language that would complement the Forum’s ambitious vision. And we art directed a three-day shoot around Mayfair to generate imagery that would convey the majesty and vulnerability of the area.

The results

FDR London took a complex but powerful 30,000 word document and transformed it into vital, approachable brand that created a platform from which the Forum’s vision could be effectively communicated. We brought together text, original photography and detailed mapping to create a website, a series of PDFs showcasing the plan and a communication toolkit. Together, these formed a coherent suite of branded materials that have given the Plan a personality and a presence that fit its scope and stature. The Plan is due to be adopted into law in 2018. This is a historic piece of work, and it has been a real privilege to have played a part in its development.