Love, Sleep, Play

by The Creative Engagement Group Client: Yahoo!
The Brief

Yahoo!’s Lifestyle online channel is about the more personal things in life: being healthy, bringing up children and relationships. With a primarily female target audience, brands like Proctor & Gamble (P&G) can see the value of using the channel to reach a specific audience.

The Challenge

Make customers love and trust the Yahoo! brand.

Creative Approach

Every parent wants to know they are doing the right thing for their baby; they know there is no magic formula but they are hungry for guidance and reassurance. For Fairy Non Bio, we produced 4 x 12 minute videos called ‘Mum’s Tips and Tales’, which combines personal stories with shared experiences. Our approach with Pampers was to create 12 x 2-3 minute ‘as live’ videos called ‘Love, Sleep, Play’ that surround hot parenting topics – skincare and sleep. We captured Mums chatting to family GP, Dr Ellie Cannon. The ‘as live’ format really worked because it allowed us to capture the exclusivity of a first-hand discussion whilst ensuring that contributors spoke openly with experts without the added pressure of live TV. We continue to work closely with Yahoo! and have just delivered more episodes for both ‘Mum’s Tips and Tales’ and ‘Love, Sleep, Play’.

The Results

“Yahoo worked with The Moment to create a branded content video series in conjunction with our partner, Pampers. Despite challenging circumstances The Moment were able to deliver truly insightful and engaging parenting videos that satisfied a number of key stakeholders.”
– Edward Bovingdon, Commercial Editor, Yahoo Studio