Live From IKEA Family

by Client: IKEA
The Brief

The brief from IKEA in Sweden was simple: produce a magazine in print and online that entertains and inspires, but also reflects the hopes, ideas and aspirations of ordinary people around the globe who are IKEA customers – 775 million store visits a year, and growing. As live’s print and digital magazines plus its social-media packages are delivered to 31 countries in 28 languages, the content needs to be truly multinational. It also needs to reflect IKEA values, and ‘help create a better everyday life for the many people’.

The Challenge

live’s multichannel content is pushed out across a multi-layered timetable – quarterly for print, monthly for digital and daily for social – whilst meeting seasonal and geographic demands.

Even with this mixed calendar, one requirement stays central to the brief: keep processes simple and efficient!

Creative Approach

The editorial team stays true to the idea at the very core of the IKEA ethos – making your home a little better helps make your life a bit better, too.

Our team travels the world, visiting families living with IKEA and capturing the stories of their everyday lives to share with our readership. We step outside the ‘standard’ nuclear unit of 2.4 children and source a diverse range of families, celebrating equality and individuality.

We also run a very strong social-media strategy. Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube keep our followers engaged with the IKEA brand and live’s unique content.

The Results

The average online dwell time is 6.23 minutes per visit. And according to a recent customer survey:

  • 75% of readers are inspired to shop at IKEA after reading the magazine
  • 83% of readers would recommend the site to a friend The title has also won several industry awards:
  • IPA Highly Commended Customer magazine 2009
  • APA Customer magazine 2011
  • PPA Customer Magazine 2012
  • BSME Editor of the Year 2012, Digital Customer Titles
  • CMA best use of photography 2012
  • Lovie Award & People’s Lovie Award winner 2014, Website: Lifestyle category