Levi’s Skateboarding

by TCOLondon Client: Levi's
The Brief

To use storytelling to portray Levi’s brand values and engage a global audience — and drive sales.

The Challenge

To identify and tell stories about characters in key markets around the world who embody Levi’s brand values, and to integrate product seamlessly into the content so the stories stayed authentic.

Our Approach

TCOLondon’s Huck team produced a series of video profiles — complementing a deluxe print magazine distributed through top retailers — that stepped into the lives of skateboarders showing how their love for skating connected with other passions such as photography, music, carpentry and community.

The Results

Huck’s Levi’s Skateboarding series has been featured by The Ride Channel, TransWorld SKATEboarding, Desillusion and other respected skate media in all 20 of Levi’s key markets, racking up more than 200K views and complementing the 60K+ readership of the print magazine.