by Client: Lenovo
the brief

In the crowded B2B tech space, Lenovo needed to move beyond price-based messaging to compete for a share of IT buyers’ attention. To do this, they had to start connecting with prospects in a deeper and more meaningful way, based on their unique pain points and challenges.
Our brief was to engage enterprise-level IT decision-makers (ITDMs) across 13 markets in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

  • Inform readers of the latest tech and business IT trends.
  • Educate using a variety of content styles, while making a clear business case for Lenovo products.
  • Position Lenovo as an authoritative thought leader and solutions provider.
  • Engage the audience by making all content relevant to distinct pain points within each market.
  • Convert engaged readers into prospects through a lead capture strategy.
the response

We developed an integrated content marketing strategy – including content production, native advertising, social media and email marketing to target ITDMs. Over six months from July 2014, a series of eight websites publishing in seven major languages (English, French, Danish, German, Dutch, Italian and Spanish) were launched to act as a hub for content marketing activity. In 2016 this was extended into the Middle East and African markets, with all strategies reflecting the unique state of IT in each region.

  • 300k+ users since launch (across eight sites)
  • 1.13% average LinkedIn CTR (3x the industry benchmark)
  • 24% additional earned media value through organic sharing.
  • 63% increase in average lead value as a result of the program.
  • 50% of the previous telemarketing hours required to exceed sales targets.
channel mix

Think Progress content hubs, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TrueView, custom content placements.

target audience

Enterprise ITDMs in Enterprises (1,000+ staff) in EMEA