by Client: Ladbrokes
The Brief

To try and improve their SEO standing amongst their core customers – football fans – Ladbrokes needed to create something to help generate conversation amongst supporters and engage people without being overly promotional. Ladbrokes wanted to be at the heart of the conversation around the Premier League – the richest and most high-profile national league in football.

The gaming giant wanted to create something fun and engaging, tasking Branded3 with producing an asset that ticked both boxes. It had to be about the Premier League and, crucially, needed something shareable at the end.

The Challenges

After lengthy discussions with Ladbrokes, we were asked to create a quiz that would test the knowledge of each of the 20 Premier League sides’ fans. Called How Well Do You Know Your Team, it allowed players to answer a series of multiple-choice questions that were fiendishly difficult.

Spread across members of our Content Marketing, Outreach, PR and SEO teams, we sourced questions for each of the 20 teams, choosing ones that even the most ardent fan would find difficult to answer. We also sourced images and verified each answer, all of which took a huge amount of effort.

To make sure that it had an end result, we asked players to pick a team. At the end of each play, the quiz compared the average scores for each team in a league table format, which was designed to help build conversation. This was one of the trickiest parts of developing the asset, but we pulled it off with aplomb.

To get it seen, we needed to get the quiz seeded in a variety of online and offline spaces. As well as targeting fans’ forums, we also used paid channels including Reddit, StumbleUpon and Taboola to get it seen, while we encouraged fans to share their scores via social media.


In just one week, the game had been played more than 10,000 times. On average, users spent four minutes and 25 seconds on the quiz. In terms of social visibility, How Well Do You Know Your Team was shared more than 500 times.

In terms of views, it has had more than 30,000 so far; the average time spent on-site per user suggests that the quiz was a highly engaging piece of content that people were willing to see right through to the end.

We also managed to generate more than 50 links to the quiz. It received coverage in The Sun and Metro; around 10% of total traffic to the quiz came from these links alone.

Of the visitors, more than half were new to the Ladbrokes site, while a conversion rate of 1.27% was achieved through players who came to the quiz via the links.