Keep Britain Trading

by Client: Associated British Ports

To raise awareness of its Keep Britain Trading ethos and wide variety of activities, ABP wanted an annual business review that stood out from the traditionally staid and corporate style of company reports. It wanted to show off its British values, pride, people and clients.

The audience was diverse, ranging from senior government figures and local politicians to managing director-level executives of partner businesses and ABP port-side workers.


Remarkable set out to create an authentically beautiful, coffee table-style book that could rub shoulders with high-end publications. It should seduce the reader
into picking it up before its tactile nature encouraged further exploration. This strategy was to convey the spirit of ABP’s year through style and significant bites of information instead of a detailed account that would deter readers.


A stylish combination of creative touches generates the compelling overall effect:

Photos are bright, eye-catching, and focused on ABP’s people and its clients’ products. The book’s focus echoes ABP’s corporate focus.

Most pages follow a single, strong colour to catch the eye, encouraging the reader to enjoy flicking through it.

Pantone colours produce a high quality look alongside premium paper and UV laminate coatings, with careful judgement to avoid over-indulgence.

The unusual 30cm x 30cm size makes the book’s bright white cover literally stand out from other publications.

A mix of modern and traditional typography represents ABP’s own special chemistry of heritage and forward thinking.

Bespoke images, created in Remarkable’s studio, incorporate a Union Flag made of moving arrows to emphasise ABP’s mission statement:
Keeping Britain Trading.

Implementation Methods

As a report styled to embody ABP, the quality had to be perfect. The copy supplied by ABP was closely proofed by Remarkable’s senior writer, and Remarkable’s creative director travelled to the printing site to ensure the quality of the product in person.

During the creative process, ABP worked alongside Remarkable’s team in its studio to create the precise personality and tone that was required.

A total of 10,000 copies were produced, the first of which were delivered to cabinet members including the Chancellor, Transport Minister, Shipping Minister,

and Energy Minister, as well as Whitehall civil servants, particularly in transport and energy, at a special ABP Annual Review launch at the House of Commons on June 24th.

Political stakeholders close to ABP’s 22 facilities also received copies, such as council leaders and MPs. About 2,500 staff received the review, as did managing director-level executives at more than 200 of ABP’s customers.

The ABP Union Flag arrows graphic has become the main focus for all ABP marketing activities, from traditional trade press advertising to exhibition stands and materials.


“We asked Remarkable to pull out all the stops creatively and give us a review to engineer pride in our staff and raise awareness of our role in Keeping Britain Trading amongst key stakeholders. Not only did they deliver magnificently on both fronts, but it would seem that they have also managed to elevate external perceptions of the company, our brand and our importance to the UK economy. Just wonderful.”

“Anecdotally the 2015 Annual Review has been extremely well received, with warm comments volunteered by MPs and other key stakeholders. Staff too have been reporting how they have proudly sent it on to their families to show them what it is they do and what they are a part of. There is no higher praise.”

– Gareth Lewis, ABP Corporate Communications Manager, said: