by SevenC3 Client: Jobsite

The brief

Tired of simply trying to outspend other “job board” brands with high-reach paid media such as TV, Jobsite wanted a new strategy that redirected focus and spend away from volume and towards building more relevance for their audience

Big Idea

Seven and Jobsite worked together to produce an editorial strategy that would “create, curate and connect” smart, relevant, and above all, useful content for people at different career stages. Though historically focused on “active” jobseekers, Jobsite wished to expand their brand relevance to also encompass “passive” jobseekers via new, distinctive content.

This collaboration resulted in “The Jobsite Advantage”, a campaign to win the ultimate interview package. Alongside a simple competition dynamic, additional editorial content juxtaposed reality TV competition “The Apprentice”s perceived legitimacy as a viable employment route against the real- world reality that it is in fact nothing of the sort. Built around a central, high-concept (and funny) video, the campaign playfully highlighted Jobsite’s brand mantra of “Real Jobs For Real People”


Facebook and Twitter have proved core pillars in “connecting” with the audience – creating targeted, real-time trend hijacks around TV shows (reality TV and drama) and real world events, such as the recent Victoria Line shutdown, or Piers Morgan’s sacking by CNN

Additional new and “curated” content has been combined to produce sector specific hubs – long-term, sustainable content assets built around engineering, IT, finance and sales


740k YouTube views of “Jobsite: The Advantage”

8.37m Twitter impressions during the campaign

Over 10,000 competition entrants

35% Increase in share of voice during the campaign