by Client: Inchcape
The Brief

Inchcape is an automotive retailer that aims to lead the digital space in terms of buying cars online and car dealerships not just in the UK, but as a global solution. The project had a code-name – “Incredible Websites” – that supported just what we were looking for, something that was more than just listing cars for purchase, but actually creating a real online experience.

The challenges

All nine sites needed a robust content strategy to ensure a consistent and accurate reflection of brand identity, guidelines and Inchcape’s core values.

Our main objective was to create an on-site content strategy for the Inchcape UK brands that would support an incredible experience and ultimately drive conversions and engagement levels with customers.

We quickly realised that the ‘content’ we would require to service the customer could not all be written in blocks of text. Instead, we would need interactive tools to help with customers’ questions and to point them towards the most relevant content for their query.

By applying this knowledge to established purchasing models, we were able to develop ideas for content and interactive tools that would best satisfy users’ questions and support them in their decision-making process.

We knew that Sitecore provided the perfect CMS platform on which to build the unique experiences that we deemed necessary for Inchcape’s users, so we ensured that the platform was integrated with Inchcape’s internal solutions and third-party systems, allowing the Sitecore platform to influence future decisions on the site and always remain relevant.

The results

Each brand has seen an increase in the quality and volume of leads that have been generated through the site, including those for service books, test drive bookings and vehicle enquiries. Overall results for each of the brands have been extremely positive.