Nikon – I am different

by Factory Media Client: Nikon
The Challenge

Capitalise on the integral role imagery plays in our sports. Stunning video edits and incredible imagery will delve behind the lens of 10 iconic action sport photographers to understand the process, passion and inspiration that fuels their vision. We want to help Nikon inspire the next generation of photography icons.

The Idea

10 video edits detail the inspiration that drove action sports photographers to become the icons that they are today. A UGC competition running for 3 months as we seek to inspire those smartphone photography hobbyists to become the next generation of icons themselves.

The Execution

A UGC competition will uncover 5 future icons of photography, offering the opportunity to win a Nikon DSLR and a coveted place on the Nikon Inspiring Icons bootcamp where their work will be displayed on various Factory Media channels.

video views: 1M+

users watched videos to end: 21%

unique users to the content hub: 38K+

facebook post reach: 4M

average dwell time on content: 3.40m

ad impressions: 8.8M