by SevenC3 Client: Hyatt

The Brief

Despite creating a regular drum beat of content, less than 1% of traffic to came from social channels.

The challenge we were given was to move the dial by increasing the value of Hyatt’s social channels, driving greater amounts of traffic to, and increasing chances of putting more ‘heads in beds’.


The Idea

This is an industry governed by a highly competitive search market, with excessive amounts of content being shared across social channels.

Social channels themselves have a low conversion rate but are an important part of the conversation around travel.

Applying our six step propriety Story Mapping methodology, we used our suite of data analytics platforms to research the reasons that drive visitors to cities at a particular time, which lead us to identify the key events that are creating destination demand.

We then created a strategy that focussed on these key events within destination cities, allowing us to by-pass the competitive world of high-volume, non-destination specific search market.



Seven created a series of five content campaigns around key events happening in the destination cities, from Amsterdam to London.

Shareable, likeable, interesting and eye-catching content around these events was created with a strong call-to action.

Content was then distributed to highly targeted audiences across Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, and partner channels, based on geo-location, behavioural characteristics, and potential interests, in order to create destination demand.



The content strategy of centering data at the very heart of travel stories was a new

approach for a hotel brand.

This technique paid off spectacularly, with traffic to the Hyatt online platform increasing by up to 10 times. Across all Hyatt hotels we measured an uplift of 26.2%, in traffic from social to, and we also saw an uplift in direct traffic to of 11.3%