High Life

by Cedar Client: British Airways
The Brief

Create an entertaining, profit-making inflight magazine for passengers on all BA flights – while promoting BA’s services and key global destinations

The Challenge

Drive revenue in a depressed market; promote the airline during a time of economic turmoil.

Editorial Response

High Life and bahighlife.com succeed because readers and advertisers value the brand as an independent, credible medium. According to the latest in-depth research, passengers believe we portray BA as a highly confident brand because of the very fact it is not an overtly ‘corporate’ magazine.

In fact, the editorial is skillfully calibrated to meet the airline’s business goals: inspiring travel, promoting new routes, airing the environmental debate and supporting initiatives such as the Olympics sponsorship. But all the material is filtered through the needs of some of the most demanding readers in the world.


_ Delivers incremental profit to BA through advertising sales

_ Generates over £550,000 in PR value [2008/09]

_ 116% year-on-year increase in traffic to bahighlife.com [2008/09]