Grant Thornton

by SevenC3 Client: Grant Thornton


Digital / Print / Social / Strategy / Development

The challenge: Help David defeat Goliath (accountant style) for Grant Thornton

Up against the Big Four firms, Grant Thornton set about positioning itself as the go-to advisory firm for mid-sized businesses focused on growing; the ‘growth experts’ of the professional services market. Our job was to help it demonstrate its expertise and get involved in the conversation.

The solution:

  • We created a new content brand called Strategies for growth. The idea was to provide business people with insight, intelligence and inspiration to help them innovate and take advantage of opportunities to grow.
  • We called upon the brand’s 4,500 employees and 40,000-plus clients, putting them at the heart of original content based on real-life experiences of helping businesses grow.
  • A Strategies for growth website was built to host our content and provide a hub from which we could distribute through social channels and curate other inspiring content. We also created a biannual print magazine and monthly email newsletters for subscribers. Dedicated Twitter and Instagram accounts and further social sharing complete the multiplatform approach.

The results:

  • 80% of Grant Thornton customers rate Strategies for growth as either good or very good
  • 45% of readers have shared a story and 26% have discussed a story
  • But perhaps our most pleasing stat came in the form of some direct RoI – when one of our articles opened the door to a conversation that led directly to Grant Thornton winning a large piece of work with a new client

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