Google Duel

by TCOLondon Client: Google
The Brief

To create Google’s first native YouTube format with the aim of promoting the Google App and its voice search capabilities.

The Challenge

To create a fun, fast and authentic framework where YouTubers from different genres — gaming, comedy and beauty — would not feel self-conscious, or fake, as they interacted with a smartphone. Also, we didn’t want it to feel like an ad but something fun that the audience would want to try themselves.

Our Approach

TCOL turned the world’s most popular search engine into a game: Google Duel. YouTubers would score points by trying to get Google to say a word — without saying that word themselves.

The Results

Google Duel was one of the top three ads on YouTube the month it was released. The series has had more than 1M views on YouTube and more than 23K comments and likes. It also inspired a series of UGC Google Duel videos — with people including England Football team members playing the game. Google also offered its fans the chance to play Google Duel in a series of in-store events and at the Cannes Lions festival.