by SevenC3 Client: Fujitsu


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The challenge: Engage a hyper-elusive business audience for Fujitsu

Fujitsu wanted to grab mindshare among the world’s IT elite, become a fixture on CIOs’ strategic partner lists and build a wider awareness of the Fujitsu brand and capabilities.

The solution:

The chief information officers (CIOs) who run IT at the world’s largest companies individually control budgets that run into the hundreds of millions – sometimes billions. Not surprisingly, they’re an over-targeted, difficult-to-reach bunch. But they still need to inform their buying decisions with a deep understanding of the trends, threats and opportunities that transformational technology presents to their organisations. And they rely on a group of trusted tech vendors to help them deliver on that promise. Getting them there would mean finding a blueprint for winning and holding their attention.

  • We created an online platform that rivals the technology sector’s best publications: I–Global Intelligence for the CIO, or I-CIO for short. It mixes independent business journalism with genuinely valuable interviews and regular input from Fujitsu executives.
  • But the bigger challenge was getting them there. That was achieved by building the I-CIO Share Network. This multi-level social activation programme targets high-profile CIOs who are highly active across social channels, features them in the publication, engages with them on social channels and creates a set of rich social assets (photo tweets, video clips, GIFs) that they – and their peers – gladly share across their Twitter and LinkedIn networks with their followers, many of who are other CIOs. In effect, that high-powered readership network becomes the distribution engine for the content.

The results:

  • Links to one I-CIO article were distributed to 340,400 people within 30 minutes of its release
  • 10,000 unique readers consume 32,000 pages every month
  • Readers spend an average of two minutes on each article page and three minutes on video pages
  • I-CIO provides the company with insight into how individual customers from around the world are sharing I-CIO content, revealing their areas of strategic technology interest

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