Freemasonry Today

by Client: United Grand Lodge of England
The Brief

Freemasonry will only recruit new members and thrive if it is seen as a modern, forward-looking organisation. Freemasonry Today therefore must find ways of changing perceptions, both within members and also in the wider community, about what freemasonry stands for.

The Challenge
  1. To serve as a recruitment device for anyone picking up the magazine or browsing the website (, showing freemasonry as a membership organisation without secrets and privileges
  2. To reinforce freemasonry as a modern and inclusive organisation to existing members.
Creative Approach

Freemasonry Today reveals an organisation that welcomes members from all walks of life; that works extensively with charities at both a local and international level; that people choose to join because they’re looking for friendship and to share interests; and that has a great deal more to offer in terms of building a set of values than joining your local golf club.