Flood Re

by Client: Flood Re

Launching a new proposition to hard hit flooded communities


Use our Content expertise to create compelling consumer collateral, drive awareness of Flood Re and create a pull demand from homeowners and tenants to contact their insurer and see if the scheme could help them gain access to lower cost insurance.

The aim of our campaign was to:

  • Raise the profile of Flood Re during in hand with its launch by connecting with communities affected by flooding or living in a high flood risk area
  • Distance Flood Re from the purchase of flood insurance and not be seen as a go-to help / advice bank; needed to make it clear Flood Re was just the facilitator in providing more affordable insurance for those homes in flood risk areas; it was down to the insurer to set the costs and work with the customers to provide a better deal
  • Develop a suite of consumer-facing materials to better connect with consumers
  • Use social media (twitter) to promote the Flood Re Scheme launching, signpost to new website and conduct key influencer targeting


Based on intelligence from the client and their outreach to stakeholders and regional groups, we recommended a content audit whereby we assessed the organisation’s existing collateral and how it could be reworked to better connect with consumers.  We recommended an overhaul in both design and wording of the content being shared to create a suite of brand new consumer assets ready for sharing with the these audiences as previous content was industry focused.

We had to work extremely quickly to develop new consumer treatments which could be applied across a new website, consumer leaflet and assets for social media. Taking the content from the existing industry website, we provided a new approach to the online shop window by creating a new gateway page to direct people to visit the existing website or for consumers to view the brand new consumer site. The new consumer website was a lot more visually engaging for visitors and really spelt out the call to action for those visiting the website to contact their insurer and shop around for a better deal.

With regard to social media, our digital team tailored a full social media strategy to fit Flood Re’s needs. We devised a detailed comms plan for twitter including a content planner each week with planned tweets to best engage with key groups online and more specifically, target key influencers via this channel. We also developed proforma responses ahead of launch, pre-empting the kinds of questions we might be asked so we had approved replies ready to respond to ad-hoc queries in a timely fashion.

As well as the online approach, we also developed an offline strategy to reach out to the various partners, groups, water agencies and regional councils affected by flooding.


During the longevity of the launch and within a two month period, we were able to deliver brand consumer approach to the Flood Re Communications. We were able to develop a more compelling and clearer consumer journey via the Flood Re website with a clear call to action for those visiting the website.

The website launched successfully and to deadline, and traffic to the site doubled the volume seen before the launch. Some stats at a glance:

  • 529.56% increase of users (75.5% new visitors)
  • Increase of number of pages per session 3.16 vs 2.91
  • 529.56% increase in number of sessions.
  • Significant increase of referral contribution to overall traffic (21.14% vs 9.17%)
  • 330 referral from Facebook and 321 from Twitter vs 35 and 81 the previous week

The Flood Re twitter handle delivered for Flood Re as follows:

  • 934 visits to website via social referral = 4.7% of all traffic
  • 400 interactions by 142 unique users
    • Million potential reach (actual figure between 1.1million and 1.2million as does not record over 1mil at intervals smaller than this)
  • 190 new Twitter followers
  • 176 mentions of Flood Re

Within two weeks of launching, our partnership and group outreach allowed us to connect with groups spanning the UK and secure multiple opportunities for Flood Re including:

  • Requests for 23,210 leaflets for groups and partners across the UK
  • Interaction with 220 groups across the UK
  • Securing speaker opportunities with action groups including the Selsey Sea Defence Conference
  • Placed an article with the National Flood Forum explaining Flood Re and calls to action

Client details

Client name:  Flood Re
Objective: Integrated campaign
Sector: Insurance / financial services / environment
Description: This campaign for Flood Re is an example of one of our integrated campaigns which brings together all of our skills in delivering compelling content to be delivered across a multitude of channels to ultimately raise awareness and connect with hard to reach groups.  With a tight brief and timeline to match for this government-backed re-insurance scheme, we developed a set of consumer-focused materials including a new website, a leaflet, assets for social media and a strategy to approach regional groups, councils, water agencies and partners through offline and social media interaction.  The assets created were successfully rolled out in hand with the media launch and were instrumental in creating buzz to target audiences for Flood Re with a clear call to action to contact their insurers and shop around for a better deal.