Finding a Way

by Client: Ordnance Survey

To create an inspirational video to launch the new Ordnance Survey (OS) logo. It had to improve brand understanding by explaining to staff and business partners how and why the face of OS is changing to reflect its continuing evolution into a modern, fast- moving information business that is about more than paper maps.

Specifically, the video had to highlight OS’s new digital focus while simultaneously reminding viewers of its founding heritage and experience: a combination highly relevant to the ongoing challenges of day-to-day living and business.

Target Audience

A largely internal audience of staff, stakeholders and business partners who would see the film on OS’s YouTube channel, emails, presentations and screens around its Southampton HQ.


To educate and inspire employees about OS’s proud past with an eye-catching and compelling video that interlinked that heritage with the brand’s new and progressive attitude.

Category: Best use of video content Project title: Finding a Way Company name: Ordnance Survey Agency: Remarkable Content


OS was producing a new corporate video at the same time as the Finding a Way project so it was important the two did not overlap with identical messages. It was a challenge that provided the opportunity for a unique creative solution.

Remarkable proposed a video in which a presenter walks through time, using significant snapshots of the past to tell the 224-year story of OS, from early origins to high-tech present. Costumes and locations were carefully selected for accuracy as well as visual impact, and most of the extras were OS employees, to create
a truly OS film.

The running theme of the OS logo was innovatively framed at each scene – on a book or a tea saucer, for instance – revealing both the pedigree and powerful development of the organisation though the centuries to benefit the general public, government and commercial organisations.

The film was colour graded, with every scene getting its own lustrous look. All of the sound was mixed and mastered and set to a bespoke soundtrack. With so many different scenes each with their own distinct feel an off-the-shelf piece of music would not do the job. Our sound designer wrote a piece of music that would work and evolve for every scene, building up the piece gradually and smoothly through the eras to inspirational effect.

Implementation Methods

The clock was ticking on this project. The brand launch date was February 8th 2015 – yet the green light was given just before Christmas 2014. Work started in the first week of January to develop and agree, within days, both the script and storyboard.

It took just 10 days to secure locations, extras, a presenter, costumes and props; this also included in- depth research to ensure accuracy and identify OS’s key milestones to feature in the film.

The video team purposely went lightly equipped so it could operate quickly and nimbly without consuming limited time and budget on set-up.

The first draft was turned around within four weeks. The final film was supplied ahead of the deadline to ease OS’s brand launch workload.

The film has the highest number of views (more than 3,900) of all OS’s YouTube videos this year – indicating a particular eagerness to share an internal video. Staff are delighted with the video and proud to use it in their own external presentations.


“Yet again Remarkable have exceeded all expectations and have elevated an initial idea into something inspiring for all at OS.”

“The video not only re-enforces and educates the historical journey OS has been on as a company and brand, but it also shows that we have always been pioneers and innovators and always embraced cultural and technical advances.”

“This has inspired our staff who are not only proud of the new branding but also proud to be part of the continual journey and investment for the future.”

– Melanie Osborne, Ordnance Survey Group Marketing Manager