Financial Management Magazine and App

by SevenC3 Client: CIMA

The Brief

Create a relationship and regular communication with the 227K members and students across 179 countries – so that they can see the value of their membership.

Extend the reach of the content to a key influencer group who are senior decision makers in major global organisations.


The idea

Monthly pulse of content – bi-monthly print magazine and monthly app.

Make it easy and simple to engage whenever you are in the world.

Deliver the most relevant content to the most appropriate audiences – through the channels they prefer – while optimising the opportunities to monetise content.



Commission first and publish everywhere. Production values and channel depending on the target audience and their behaviours – print and app (members), app only (students) and luxury print (influencer group FTSE 350).

Content distributed and activated via social to ensure the widest possible audience for the power and value of CIMA.

Video, long form and infographics as well as paid media support used to drive interest and shares.



90% CIMA members and students are satisfied with FM magazine

50% of readers spend 30-60 mins or more reading the magazine

78% of Members rate FM Magazine App as the most useful publication over the last year (2014/5)

72% of Students rate FM Magazine App as the most useful publication over the last year  (2014/5)

App downloaded more than 200K times

Ave. app session duration (as of June 2015) was 5 mins, 46 secs.

9K page views in 10 days on longform