Direct Advice for Dads

by Mahlab Client: HBF
The Brief:

Build a national owned audience among a key target demographic – young families.


Dads feel ignored by health professionals throughout the pregnancy to new parent journey, with the focus heavily placed on mums. They are searching for information online, but finding little that’s relevant to them – most of the pregnancy content being written by mums for mums.


The dearth of content for men represented a huge opportunity. Especially as planning for pregnancy is a major trigger for buying, reviewing and using health insurance, as well as many other types of insurance. After analysing data and conducting focus groups, we created the brand Direct Advice for Dads, a content hub, and developed the editorial and amplification strategies to grow an audience. Using written and video content targeted at planning, new and expecting dads, and amplifying the content on Facebook to drive traffic to the content hub, we were able to quickly build a community of engaged dads. (And mums, happy to see their partner ‘do their homework’.)


The DAD Facebook page has received over 60,000 likes and the content hub has been visited over 1M times since the launch. Content has also been picked up by Australian and English media, generating thousands of views on the website. We are now in phase two of the project, slowly introducing more brand messaging on the DAD platform.