Dementia Awareness

by Mediaplanet Client: Various
The campaign

In alignment with World Alzheimer’s Day, and following the 70th World Health Assembly, our aim was to catalyse the realisation that Dementia is a global health priority. We aimed to create a platform to showcase improved collective work on research, policy making and community action. We collaborated with pioneering thought leaders, and the best minds within the industry, to facilitate a global response to Dementia and raise awareness in the UK.

Our integrated approach

A print publication, distributed within the Guardian newspaper had an estimated readership of 829,000 people, interested in progressive health topics. 60% of these readers are over 45 years of age. We also sent the publication directly to industry events where it would reach healthcare professionals and policy makers.

Online, we hosted sponsored and editorial content on, and drove targeted readers through content recommendation platforms. The online campaign was also shared in bulletins, backlinks and e-newsletters to patients, carers high-risk groups and healthcare professionals.

We achieved this specific distribution by working closely with credible associations like the Alzheimer’s Society, Alzheimer’s Research UK, Alzheimer’s Disease International, Carers UK, and Furthermore, we utilised influencers like singer Pixie Lott and actor Carey Mulligan to gain maximum exposure and public engagement.

A client example

The campaign served as platform for multiple clients to have their share of voice, reach and exposure. The NHS’s National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) contributed an interesting angle on tackling dementia – through participating in clinical trials. We used their content to create an article and infographic; and also featured video, animation and two esteemed medical sources. We deliver analytics for our online content, and NIHR saw 3,300 shares of their article on social media, a click-through rate of 0.28%, an active-page dwell time of well over a minute and scroll depth of 84%.