by Newhall Publishing Client: Candis

Candis is packed with features, health news, recipes and competitions, all neatly packaged in a handbag-sized magazine. As well as 12 issues a year, Candis subscribers also receive year-round offers, discounts and savings on days out, shopping and much more. All these elements, including the management of the 110,000 monthly subscriptions, are managed by the Newhall team via e-newsletters, the magazine’s website and associated telemarketing campaigns.

The Candis campaign comprises:

  • Driving new subscription sales.
  • Renewing existing subscriptions.
  • Developing affinity revenue streams to increase subscriber profitability.
  • Re-activating lapsed subscribers.
  • Converting non-continuous payers on to direct debit to increase customer lifetime.

We have also been successful in making a substantial additional contribution to Candis income through our affinity marketing programmes.

“We have been working with the team at Core Contact for eight years. Their dedication and intimate understanding of the magazine market has played a significant part in developing our title into one of the most successful subscription magazines available in the UK, as well as developing new non-publishing revenue streams to increase the value of our subscriber base.”
Robert Hyatt
Chairman, Candis Club

To find out more about our work with Candis, please contact Newhall’s Business Development Manager, Gerallt Davies:
m: 07973 944 881 –