British Army – Increasing Female Recruitment

by Client: British Army

At the time of briefing only 9% of British soldiers were female, in essence they are virtually invisible within popular culture. Where they are referenced, this is often within the context of negative stereotypes: difficulties in overcoming the ‘environment’ or what they are not able to do within the forces.

Our central content theme was ‘relevancy’, taking people outside of their comfort environments and placing them within environments inline with the armed forces – with the aim of showing that their day-to-day skills/attributes are transferable.

A dozen female journalists were sourced from Time Inc’s brands to trial and review a range of careers within the British armed forces. To add further credibility we also recruited current female soldiers to tell their stories as an additional way in which to break down those stereotype-driven misconceptions around the forces.

Our content hub designed, wrote, storyboarded, shot, edited and collated every word, image and second of content produced throughout the campaign period.

Distribution was through a combination of Time Inc Channels (Marie Claire, Look and Now) and the British Armies web and social properties: reaching in excess of +2 million UK women in a matter of months