Barclays Your Bank

by Client: Barclays
The Brief

Barclays came to Red Bee for our help with its Your Bank initiative. For Barclays Your Bank represents a very public commitment to listening to its customers and acting on that feedback to make changes, big and small, that can make their lives easier. It includes an online platform to gather and develop ideas to improve Barclays products, services and the overall banking experience. Your Bank represented both a challenge and an opportunity for Barclays. Firstly, how do you make people stick around voluntarily to explore a site dedicated to everyday banking issues? And, secondly, how would Barclays show that it is acting on the ideas suggested?

The Solution

Red Bee is contributing to Your Bank with video content to enthral and inform the audience about the changes Barclays has made and is making. For the launch of Your Bank we made a series of films featuring real customer stories, some showcasing initiatives Barclays has already taken to make everyday banking better as a result of its customers’ feedback, others demonstrating Barclays’ commitment to listening to and understanding its customers. The first batch of films includes the following stories:

Blind stand-up comedian Chris McCausland introducing Barclays’ new audio cash machines for blind and partially sighted people. An animated story of how a customer and a Barclays Personal Banker created a new type of high visibility debit card for visually impaired customers. The experiences of Barney, a Barclays Branch Manager, who spends an uncomfortable day in an “age suit” that simulates the physical restrictions and difficulties of being elderly or infirm, to research branch accessibility for older customers. The personal story of Ken Bellringer, injured in Afghanistan, now on placement with Barclays as part of its AFTER programme for ex-military personnel. The story and banking experience of John Dennerly, a country park manager in Scotland who is deaf, to introduce Barclays’ new sign video service. Further films tell the stories of a joint initiative from Age UK and Barclays to get older people online and Barclays “Ideation” workshops with customers to generate ideas for making everyday banking better.