Algeta Annual Report

by Client: Algeta

Algeta is a Norwegian pharmaceutical company working to extend and improve the lives of cancer patients by developing novel, targeted medicines.

Recent expansion has seen it build a commercial operation in the US and begin development of a wider range of oncology products.

To reflect this growth, Algeta required a suite of on-brand comms materials, with assets that could be used across a range of print and digital media.

The Brief

August was appointed to develop a corporate identity for Algeta, by creating a new-look corporate website and an annual report, with both aimed at reflecting the company’s Norwegian heritage and its transition into a global commercial operation.

The Challenge

With a limited brand presence and source materials, our task was to help Algeta transform its external communications to reflect a consistent, professional global brand from the ground up, and to position it as a serious and attractive investment to shareholders.

Our Response

We interviewed a range of people across the business to tell the story of Algeta’s emergence as a global entity, creating a strong and engaging first-person narrative to draw the reader in.

A clean, crisp design reflects the corporate and scientific nature of the business, and a suite of images with a duotone treatment allows us to convey a range of disparate messages and ideas, while presenting a consistent and unified style that works across print and online platforms.

The website utilises the same key brand idents as the printed report, but was allowed a freedom to grow naturally within its own medium, and a range of secondary brand devices was developed to aid this.

The Results

After six months immersing ourselves in this Oslo-based business, the result is a strong and modern corporate identity, annual report and website that position Algeta alongside its peers in a hugely competitive global industry.

‘Working with the August team has been a pleasure from the start. The website and annual report the team have created successfully reflect the Norwegian heritage of our business while highlighting our transition to a commercial enterprise’.

Senior VP, Communications & Corporate Affairs, Algeta ASA