Air Canada Altitude Community

by Client: Air Canada
The Brief

When Air Canada rebranded its loyalty program in 2012, research revealed members were lacking a way to connect with one another. Air Canada wanted a digital solution to foster a sense of community among request flyers and increase brand reach.

The Challenge

The frequent flyer community is very active on a third-party forum called, FlyerTalk. The challenge for Air Canada was to create its own positive branded social space. Air Canada needed a platform that would ensure prolonged engagement and they needed to protect the quality of user-generated branded content while offering an approachable/accessible way for users to contribute.

Creative Approach

We created a community of Air Canada frequent flyers by giving them a way to connect within the Air Canada brand space and increase brand loyalty by leveraging Altitude member’s collective travel knowledge. It was our innovative way of serving loyal customers beyond traditional benefits.

The Results

The Altitude Community site allowed users to organize their travel recommendations as a series of lists to help them easily contribute high-quality content. Users were able to browse travel content based on their preferences (interests, destinations and peers), which encourages repeat and long-term engagement.